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“Reconnecting Souls, Reaffirming Love”


Randy Farley was awakened to his spiritual gifts at the young age of 14, in East Tennessee. Being raised in a traditional Christian home, he often misunderstood and questioned the abilities he was experiencing, being able to communicate with spirit in such a unique way. Randy spent 31 years exploring other “normal” careers while resisting the gifts that remained with him, but after 2 profound near death experiences, stepping into his true calling was no longer a choice.

“Once I witnessed the healing power of RECONNECTING others with loved ones who have crossed over, I realized this gift wasn’t about me. I have been given the responsibility to help others to fully realize their own spiritual potential. Today, I am passionate about helping people obtain closure, facilitate forgiveness, and experience true self love, guidance and acceptance.”

Based in Nashville, TN, Randy now works full time as a psychic medium customizing readings for each client, depending on their needs. He also conducts group gallery readings all across the country. Randy has made several TV appearances, as well as hosted his own radio talk show in Las Vegas, called, “Let’s Ask Randy.” He is also a Intuitive Life Coach and has studied Theology at Grand Canyon University.

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